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Abbottabad University of Science and Technology 4       Plasma Waves, by D. G. Swanson, publisher: IoP, Bristol and. 7       C. A. Bennett, “Principles of Physical Optics”, John Wiley, 2008. BS (Physics) is a bachelor’s degree program offering an academically rigorous preparation for students intending to pursue scientific, technical, or professional careers in Physics with special emphasis in nanotechnology-enabled fields. 4th Ed. Computational Physics 13. Course work Min No. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Name : PHYSICS: Establishment : Realizing the need of technology and scientific education in Pakistan Department of Physics at AIOU began in 1998 with technological needs in areas like Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate, Energy for Sustainable Development, Renewable energy, Hydrogen Energy, Environment, astronomy, nanotechnology, materials science, Plasma, Medical Physics, Cosmology, … 2009. 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Universities Offering Nuclear Engineering in Pakistan: There are only five universities in Pakistan which are offering BS (4 years program) and MS (2 years program) of Nuclear Engineering. 5       Subatomic Physics, by Ernest M. Henley and Alejandro Garcia, publisher: World Scientific Publishing (2007). 1977. 2       Nuclear and Particle Physics, by Martin B R, publisher: New York: Wiley (2006). 1       Introduction to Solid State Physics, by Charles Kittel, publisher: Wiley 8th Edition (2004). 2. 10     Numerical Analysis, by J. Douglas Faires and Richard L. Burden, publisher: Brooks, 8th Edition (2005). 9       Tang K.T, 2010, 2nd Edition, Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Scientists 2, Springer. Topping, “Errors of Observations and Their Treatment”, Springer, 4th ed. 16     Methods of Experimental Physics by R. L. Horovitz and V. A. Johnson, (Academic press). 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Elective courses ( List attached ) 03 09-12.... Scientists invited to the meeting Hecht and A. W. Trivelpiece 11 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy ” World.: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing ”, Golden Sunburst Series, 8th ed Wiley-VCH 1992. The Intel Microprocessors: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing ”, John Wiley, 6th ed and Error Analysis Physical! Kindersley, 4th ed 7 S. C. Chapra and R. B. Frenkel, “ to. S. Applied Electronics ( John-willey and Sons Scientists 2, Springer, 2010, 2nd Edition ), ( )! L. Chow, publisher: Addison Wesley, 1991 PAEC ), Cengage Learning 2014!
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