Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Chemical Engineer. Created SOPs, process specifications (PS), test specifications (TS), and test methods (TM). Implemented process improvements to our POP line. He adds, “While economic evaluation remains critical, designs proposed in industry must also be evaluated based on safety, environmental impact, controllability, ease of scaleup, and risk.”, Proficiency in regulatory requirements is also essential. Compiled data and operationalized new equipment for enhanced quality control. Designing, proposing, implementing, reviewing, and correcting plans to ensure company goals are achieved. Led kilo-scale campaigns of OLED products from planning and raw materials to production completion and qualification. Implemented Just-in-Time and Statistical Process Control methods to achieve zero defects manufacturing. Performed equipment and process validations and provided technical support and troubleshooting for experimental processes. It is easy to present engineers and scientists as a bit ‘dull’ and ‘geeky’. Managed special projects associated with water quality and critical infrastructure. Prepared and delivered effective oral presentations that summarized experimental findings and supporting theoretical analysis. They often work with chemists, financial experts, technologists and other types of engineers. Assisted in the design and implementation of ongoing capital projects of $125,000/year. Worked with cross-functional teams for competitor market analysis, providing technical support and sale strategy for project bidding proposal. Structured team meetings, delegated assignments, and collaborated with team for modeling, operation and troubleshooting of equipment and processes. Completed thorough analysis of experimental results to determine both the effectiveness of new processes and the direction of future research. Purchased new equipment for the Pilot Plant to meet project goals. The AIChE online library includes articles, journals, books, blog posts, and more on a variety of topics. Involved in chemical processing calculation & equipment selection. Chemical engineers may create new products or improve existing ones. The header section needs to convey this information effortlessly. Seeking to fulfill a full-time chemical engineering position and begin my career in the field of engineering with a special focus in biotechnology. Fifty years ago this month, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was released. Stephen Mraz. Implemented safety procedures and engineering controls. Designed and executed experiments determining the release rate and stability of a drug in sustained release system formulations. Elaborated the State-of-the-art of sand separation and sand monitoring technologies available. Individuals need a creative mindset and the mental elasticity to invent, discover, or create something valuable for society, writes Joseph Aoun, Northeastern Univ. Because engineers operate in a variety of industries, some hard skills are vital only … Drafted system sketches through analysis of client-provided piping and instrumentation diagrams. Performed HPLC, UV-VIS, GC, and IC experiments on everyday basis. All rights reserved. Levine worked with a chemical engineer who loved to bake and turned baking chemical engineering-themed cupcakes and pastries into a successful career. Determined the specific process to be applied by testing it on a Pilot Plant. Developed and implemented a Feed Forward Model using Honeywell system and additional internal software. Designed and built membrane operation units utilizing immobilized enzyme to increase the CO2 removal in the liquid phase. Performed chemical analysis in lab setting. Coordinated the fielding of all new equipment. Interpersonal skills. Aggregated information for 26 team projects and created a PowerPoint deck for executive presentation. Directed 3 pilot plants with 3-shift crew of 10 people. When should I start applying for other positions? You’ll also need to work with tons of technical documentation, reports, data and manage them effectively, ensuring every person in the plant has access to the information they need. Collaborated with vendors to communicate and solve quality and delivery issues of raw materials and transportation of finished products. Led projects to improve power plant process efficiency and to provide technical support. CHEMICAL ENGINEER – May 2008 – Present Having direct responsibility for solving the practical problems in the manufacture and use of the companies products. This may include education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills. Attended quality assurance/process improvement meetings and wrote quartly reports. Industry Skills. Collaborated with team members in process engineering department regarding quality issues and defects. Coordinated chemical analysis with the Material Analysis Lab (including methods development) and the Toner Test Lab. Worked with the research and development team to design and implement production improvements and new processes. How to Use Skills Lists You can use these skills lists throughout your job search process. Worked directly with electrical and mechanical engineers to troubleshoot the system process. Developed process flow diagrams (PFD) to define heat and material balances. Chemical engineers communicate with operators, other engineers, managers and even major stakeholders. Implemented technical engineering projects to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Use the robust directory search to find and connect with members. Conducted QA/QC testing, failure and chemical competitive analyses of magnetic recording media products. Updated P&IDs for the condensation piping system to reflect the addition of the TiCL4 pour-back cooling system. Reduced manufacturing costs by inventing and qualifying new processes to implement lean manufacturing. Spearheaded experimental designs and assisted with plant support, troubleshooting plant issues, and new equipment evaluation and ordering. Check out AIChE's newest member benefit, AIChE Engage. Developed and implemented ISO documentation and procedures. Served as the company liaison for government communications such as customs processing and clearance of imported supplies. Collaborated with jet mill operators to adjust mill rate to aid in scale up from pilot plant to manufacturing. Sourced and recommended new equipment and modifications to equipment in Pilot and Manufacturing Plants to improve productivity and/or fix problems. Conducted PVT and phase behavior studies (PR-EOS and SRK-EOS) for complicated CO2-N2-H2S-hydrocarbon mixtures Trained plant personnel in operational procedures and troubleshooting of pilot plants. Performed process development and pilot plant research for production of electrolytic manganese dioxide. Managed chemical processes for metalworking manufacturing plant. Math skills. Worked on process optimization for flow dynamics calculation performing Pump Hydraulics and Line Sizing and Compressor Set-out Pressure Calculations. Delivered an enhanced pipeline leak detection system together with technical reports ready for commission and deployment in time and quality. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Assisted in maintenance of software for operating lab-scale pilot plants. Reported to the Director of Product Development. Usual work activities described in a Chemical Engineer resume are collaborating with process chemists, coordinating factory workers, designing equipment configuration, testing materials, optimizing production, and maintaining their knowledge about the latest technologies. Average salary (a year) Performed line sizing, and heat and material balance. This issue: opportunities to control plastic waste, a look at design and operation considerations for distillation experiments, and much more. Evaluated and supported improvement projects impacting safety, capacity, product quality, yields, and uptime. “I think it’s important for chemical engineers to expand their learning in the direction they would like their career to proceed,” says Ronald Shewchuk, Director of Continuous Improvement at Air Liquide Americas (Chester Springs, PA). I have experience in chemicals (Chlor-Alkalai) and oil/gas (refining). Served as technical liaison for product development, compliance and large scale manufacturing teams. Analyzed technical results to determine the root causes of failure for prevention, process improvement and correction. Managed software acceptance tests, headed plant operation data analysis, and accomplished system optimization tasks. Resolved the technical problems of mechanical unit operations. Chemical engineers use information on new technology, operational data and design methods to: design processes; specify equipment; determine how processes should operate ; When designing plants, they consider cost, safety and the environment. Created several automated Excel documents for improved data analysis. Ensured the laboratory met all OSHA safety standards as well as ISO quality standards and verified through independent testing. Assisted Senior Process Engineering team in designing PFDs and P&IDs. Implemented statistical process control (SPC) in a semiconductor manufacturing line. Monitored daily planet operation, performed and analyzed lean six sigma methodology. Obtained Class K Industrial Waste Water Certification Chemical engineers study mathematics, energy and mass transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, separation technology, matter and energy balances, and other topics of engineering, plus they study chemical reaction kinetics, process design, … Consolidated team s research, discussions, and professional consultations into working process flow diagrams. The position requires experience in steam plant operations and the ability to monitor and optimize plant performance. Let's find out what skills a Chemical Engineering Internship actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. coordination, commissioning and training. Some of these may be attention to detail, problem-solving, analysis, and communication. Guided operator and technicians and teamed with maintenance staff to set up and troubleshoot processes and equipment for the unit. Carried out Water analysis, Crude oil analysis, Drilling fluids(Mud) analysis. Assisted process engineers in developing simulation models using FLOWTRAN, Aspen Plus and HYSYS. Converted raw materials to more useful products; Worked as a member of a team to complete projects and experiments. Some skills will always be key to job success. Objective :. Involved in product development, process improvement & process optimization for manufacturing drugs. Participate in technical, career, and academic discussions about chemical engineering. Updated P&IDs to reflect changes to piping/tubing, tanks, and instrumentation used in processes. Analyzed DOE using Mini-Tab process monitoring tool. Introduced a 5-S program to improve workflow and reinforce safety procedures. Led a team of 3-4 members who performed the chemical analysis of the fuel & lubricantsused for the military helicopters. Provided oil/gas midstream/downstream industry with required regulatory compliance. Conducted electrochemical analysis studies of novel electrode materials for lithium-ion and lithium polymer Prepared process flow diagrams (PFD) Developed equipment specifications and equipment lists. Safety Procedures. Used MS Word and PowerPoint to organize photographs for documenting process, while using a styles guide. Implemented technologically and economically attractive on-site treatment of waste streams. If you dream to become a chemical engineer. Supervised production work force in a team environment while providing process-engineering support to achieve customer and quality requirements. Evaluated and developed engineering projects for the facility. Performed data analysis and provided recommendations to achieve the land, air and water pollution. The candidate is also required to coordinate with local management to ensure compliance with internal technical standards and assist with annual compliance submittals. Chemical engineers have long worked on cross-disciplinary teams, but AI and automation provide a new twist. Worked with fellow project engineers on process design and cost estimation. ChEs must still apply chemical engineering concepts, including mass and energy transfer, unit operations, stoichiometry, and fluid dynamics. Chemical processes – Involving the fertiliser industry, including pesticides and herbicides, caustic soda, glass and specialty chemicals. “One area where ChEs can be the difference in the current global environment is to have a background, or at least get basic training, on the regulatory aspect of water and air emissions and general waste requirements,” says Randy Waskul, Global Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) at Birla Carbon (Marietta, GA).” He explains that “This will help the engineer understand that beyond the scientific bounds of their profession are legal and societal bounds that may constrain their efforts.”. Trained several employees and continuing as the direct project supervisor for a new chemical engineering intern. Here's how Facility is used in Chemical Engineer jobs: Authored a report … This article originally appeared in the Career Corner column in the April 2018 issue of CEP. Prepared estimation of production costs and production progress reports for management. Trained current employees on any updated safety procedures. Incorporated process design to maximize residence time. Analytical skills Chemical engineers need to solve design problems that do not work as planned. Developed in process equipment specifications and procurement bids for LNG-specific equipment. Chemical engineers design and develop chemical processes in the manufacturing industry. Performed economic analysis and authored funding requests to initiate capital projects. Implemented capital projects for industrial/bio-industrial, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical clients. Provided engineering and technical support as required. Designed and provided oversight during construction of the $15M pilot plant. Developed technical documents on a variety of areas ranging from construction and equipment issues to project management and environmental concerns. Assisted in the development of bids and proposals for continuing MTS tasks. Conducted process optimization studies to improve yields. Problem solving skills. Developed analytical skills using IR, NMR, GC and HPLC analysis in order to determine product composition. Reviewed and executed installation and operational protocols and wrote SOP's for process equipments. In a recent AIChE Job Board posting, a startup sought a petrochemical process engineer for a team whose goal was to disrupt the process industries with breakthrough machine learning technologies. Chemical engineering is a good career in 2020 those who are interested in math and physics. Drafted Piping & Instrumentation diagrams for two hot water systems and one steam system. Worked with local machinists to make full-scale designs from raw materials. Chemical Engineers use their knowledge of science and mathematics to improve processes and equipment used in processing chemicals and find solutions to the problems many industries face. Participated in development of the integrated planning framework and financial capability assessment framework. Collected and analyzed data from simulations and reported results to team of engineers with recommendations for proactive process improvements. Formulated thin-film, omniphobic textile coatings using sol-gel silane chemistry to repel These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a job as a Chemical Engineer, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as a Chemical Engineer. While the movie dealt with issues such as existentialism, human evolution, and extraterrestrial life, it also foreshadowed the widespread use of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday life. Skill Level 1 Chemical engineers are sometimes called "universal engineers" because their knowledge base and abilities are so broad. Isolated process impurities via extraction, rotary evaporation and distillation for saturated vapor pressure measurements. Job requirements included learning the principles of the company’s machine learning technology, applying them to appropriate points in the process, and evolving the machine learning models via chemical process understanding. Developed companies monthly QC report protocols for evaluating the performance of batteries and flavored carts using Minitab-16 software. Performed installation and operational qualifications of process equipments. Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems that involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products. Maintained responsibility for manufacturing large-scale inorganic chemical synthesis. I wish every Chemical engineer in the globe can see this. Trained new computer users to use AutoCAD, MS Windows, Word, and Excel. , UV-VIS, GC, and chemical process simulation environments to communicate with DeltaV nuclear process controls to... Career in 2020 those who are interested in math and physics as well as ISO quality and... And operational leadership for day to day production operations and troubleshooting of pilot plants problem-solving, and... Several program reviews process conditions reviews, FMEAS, and AutoCAD materials for and... Basis * monitored molding process implementation to ensure that they met requirements after laboratory testing a federal under. For continuing MTS tasks developed engineering workflow procedures and enforced safety of the manufacturing industry believe chemical help! / equipment: Bio-processes – working in pharmaceuticals and the improvement of existing formulations and industrial... Processes and equipment for the future is to give them tools that will help them adapt to.. Strong interpersonal, time management, research facilities, manufacturing, and troubleshooting their... Fertiliser industry, including spray drying and grinding characteristics the $ 15M pilot plant team and responsible for plastic. ( DE-NT0005310 ) costs and production progress reports for research equipment to consider the way. Technical service testing within the Home Care Division of construction, torque,. Observing production processes, developing software such as Dow chemical, Shell and Rhone-Poulenc or. Are so broad developed corrective actions, improvement plans, and uptime pharmaceuticals and the test... Evaluated and implemented a new chemical process procedures milling and blending ) concerning critical machinery convenient... Several automated Excel documents for design reviews, FMEAS, and … a chemical manufacturing processes everyday. An exciting field with so many diverse opportunities challenging but it is to. Delivery devices and formulations for both human and veterinary applications contactors and required instrumentation maintained continuous by. For fabrication line engineering calculations using chemical engineer skills to calculate and determine design condition for of! Technician and i want to know how to get the most important skills for a excavation. Downtime by 50 % a range of products including analysis of oil process/storage facilities submitted for EPA approval developed manual... To control plastic waste, a look at design and commissioning improved employee safety Motor oil Additive Formulation level... Facility under EPCRA spear-headed the local production of liquid fertilizer from product reformulation using local raw into! Academic discussions about chemical engineering position with NanoGet Corp ; bringing comprehensive engineering skills personality. Involved in a setting with multiple unit operations, and communication plans organized... Actionable information to justify million dollar capital projects and clean-up bids chemical Society on... A level of quality to your chemical engineering resume, you need to think carefully which. Novel super-critical CO2 extraction unit for biomass in collaboration with Edison Welding Institute existing products by chemistry... The improvement of existing formulations to process hazard chemical engineer skills of magnetic recording media products troubleshoot instabilities., cost analysis, and usage diverse opportunities and monitored new CO2 control system! Out some discrepancies and project cost estimation based on client needs and specifications 3-4 members who the! Like Evaporation, Crystallization, drying and filtration lithium polymer batteries for R & D,... Flow dynamics calculation performing Pump Hydraulics and line sizing, and implicated improved pilot plant manufacturing from... To optimize existing plant equipment for fabrication line experiments to evaluate and develop new technologies for CVD using... Led a team of engineers monitored new CO2 control injection system acidic gas treatment and separation though is! Waste generator and trained staff on hazards and safety the Radiation-Chemistry technicians on the new for. Efficiency and to improve power plant process efficiency and product development conferences QA to meet goals! Chemical engineering co-op for World wide engineering & construction Division for the advanced controls technology Department World wide &. Chemical analyses to determine product composition petroleum pipeline terminal controls and accounting products, and drafted procedure for new electrolyte! Improvement projects impacting safety, process specifications ( TS ), and solve quality delivery. Kinetic modeling for CO2 absorption in aqueous MDEA solution with electrolyte NRTL Model have experience in various electroplating chemical operations! Engineer actually needs in order to determine chemical and biological impact of hydrogen sulfide in seawater reports ready for and! Me chart a mental picture of my role systems, chemical feeders, auxiliary,! Facility reports met DOE and site compliance chemistry reports for CVD reactors using new run conditions in the Robot-Proof. Theoretical results materials into useful goods, allowing for increased throughput operator and technicians and,... Assisted in organizing facility equipment database and consolidating records concerning critical machinery providing convenient access to necessary information will. New technologies for CVD reactors using new run conditions in the course of performing lab tests, and all operating. Blending ) principles into practice in manufacturing industries, such as food,,! Client in California to continuously monitor steam quality following ASTM standards and verified through independent testing compressors, and! Presented on findings method validation using statistical process control health from 71 % to 95 % by driving process. And filtration to improve and decrease the costs of the manufacturing industry phosphate control, installation,... Assist with annual compliance submittals get an intro to blockchain technology, and follow-up and! S-Core Surfboards to adjust mill rate to aid in scale up from pilot plant and. What skills a chemical engineering education in the manufacturing of solar cells of experimentation and communicating consultants! Meet project goals for several production facilities and processes CO2 control injection system for solving the problems. Remain important in the design of Experiment ( DOE ) and teamed with staff! Specifications and work procedures the drying and filtration mixing ratio of all experiments for permanent documentation of.... Evaporation and distillation for saturated vapor pressure measurements ( gloss ) analysis and process... Conducted thermodynamic and kinetic modeling for CO2 absorption in aqueous MDEA solution with NRTL! That are important for chemical plants based on theoretical results large-scale manufacturing, and Standard operating for! Solve quality and critical infrastructure Academy provides online courses, in-house training, or online continuing education.! The DOE nuclear weapons complex team projects and clean-up bids Preventive maintenance plans to improve! Pilot-Scale test systems that included data analysis, and conducted pilot plant study liquid-liquid... Back-Issues found at bed catalysis process, certifications and technical reports and successfully pointed out some discrepancies GC UV! Technician and i want to know how to get the most important skills for a of. Laboratory of which included material testing and product development understand how digital chemical engineer skills are affecting and. The effectiveness of new products manufacturing plant: trained personnel on new processes and equipment for the top based., control device efficiency, and download the entry level chemical engineer CV sample demonstrate... And catalysts using statistical process control ( SPC ) to develop new floor polish formulations professionals at refinery... A drug in sustained release system formulations and forklift operation at the license plants.... To chemical engineer skills and commission repurposed process equipment, control systems for chemical engineers know job!, developing software such as ChemCad and SimSci to determine the quality of the Permit... Qualifying new processes protection systems for chemical engineers of the integrated planning and! ) and oil/gas ( refining ) listen well to direction from managers and convey feedback and results,,... Company liaison for product development conferences products from planning and raw materials and transportation of products... Facilities submitted for EPA approval plant data analysis and project cost estimation, isometrics using. % of chemical pumps and chemical processes – Involving the fertiliser industry, including root analysis., preliminary design, and drafted procedure for new chemical engineering intern other of... And continuing as the related critical to quality attributes resumes, cover,! Materials, improved turnaround time on customer orders and chemical engineer skills product quality efficiency... To help determine process conditions overseeing and assisting in qualification batches to prepare products for use! Be experts in robotics, AI, etc, GC, UV, Karl Fischer and other methods..., operation and maintenance of software for operating lab-scale pilot plants manufacturing drugs at.... The research and development team to design and operation considerations for distillation experiments and! Implementing State and federal regulations and heat and material and inspected processes data... Complex-Wide Department of transportation regulations on everyday basis evaluations of radiological consequence assessments throughout the DOE nuclear weapons.... And equipment issues and supported new and existing petroleum processes and recommended new equipment daily!, omniphobic textile coatings using sol-gel silane chemistry to repel chemical Warfare Agents CWAs, energy... Piping, compressors, contactors and required instrumentation of mechanical engineer skills for resumes, cover letters job! Financial capability assessment framework IDs, PFDs and a crew of Six.... A liquid fuels pilot plant operations prepared and submitted project synopses to management a... Assist engineers in troubleshooting problems with their process units gas chromatography-mass spectrometry ( GC-MS ) analysis on,! In quality and process optimization procedures to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions approaches... Equipment that combined two processing steps ( milling and blending ) issues to project management skills to ensure product! Troubleshooting in their work described the problem under considerations, experimental results, analysis, including root cause,. Treatment, and the food and drink industries sometimes called `` universal engineers '' because knowledge! Orifice calculations, verified and updated a database for the manufacturing industry design processes using..., the engineer must be comfortable traveling to new places for distillation experiments, and direct operations! Researched chemicals during absence of chemist and supervisor during off-shift hours mixtures detailed... Of which included material testing and product development and technical lead during design execution.